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Since 1981
An original Tex-Mex favorite

Mia’s Tex-Mex is committed to providing the highest quality Mexican-style food using only the freshest ingredients. Enjoy our original family recipes including Butch’s original brisket tacos, chimichangas and homemade rellenos, just to name a few. At Mia’s, our guests are part of the family.

Mia’s is a full-service restaurant offering casual family dining , but you can still linger over margaritas in our fresh-air patio. Every visit is an individual journey and no two experiences are exactly the same. We invite you to visit our restaurant and enjoy the distinctive interior style, authentic food, efficient service, delicious specialty drinks or an ice-cold cerveza.


Two tender brisket tacos filled with Monterey Jack, grilled onions and poblano peppers. Served with a delicious brisket gravy, with rice and beans in your choice of flour or corn tortillas.


“A Tuesday night tradition.”
Served with rice and beans.


Your choice of one. Ages 12 and under. Served with rice and beans.

• Liliana (Fajita Taco)
• Gaberil (Quesadilla)
• Sophia (Enchilada)
• Bella (Burrito)
• Emma (Chalupa)
• Julian (Taco)


Mama’s Lemon Chicken – $16.95
Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with a lemon butter sauce served with white rice black beans and salad.

Mama’s Chicken Con Hongos – $15.75
Grilled chicken breast served with sautéed poblano peppers, mushrooms and onions. Includes rice, black beans and a dinner salad.

Mama’s Quesadillas – $14.75
Two corn tortillas filled with grilled chicken breast, Monterey Jack, poblano peppers and onion. Includes rice and black beans.

Mama’s Ribeye con Hongos – $19.95
Marinated ribeye steak sauted in poblano peppers mushrooms and onions served rice and a dinner salad.

Full Menu Available